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Pattiasina24's News

Posted by Pattiasina24 - March 11th, 2013

I just released my first musical production online, Avolition EP.

As I've been studying how to make music lately, I decided to try and make a short album. One of my friends challenged me to try an make a short album in about a week, and so..well, this is it. Only six tracks on this album, and the total runtime is about 24 minutes.

The album, to me, I think came out as a success. I didn't really expect to do amazing, because like I said, I had only made it in about a week. I didn't really get much time to try and go through to fix any messiness in the songs. Overall however, I think each song came out pretty well.

Anyways, I will try to continue to make music, and post it, I'm hoping the next thing I release ends up being an entire album. Probably 8-11 tracks on that one, since the EP only has six. Also, for the next one, I want to try a different style of music.

If any of you get the chance, it would be great for you guys to check it out! It's mostly Electronic House, with only one Liquid Drum and Bass song, but overall, just Electronic House.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Just released my new EP the other day.

Posted by Pattiasina24 - August 5th, 2010

Lol yay wall of text. :D

As some of you may have heard...The Kirby Collab is having a sequel (old news). I joined it, and I've finished my part. If you'd like more info on The Many Kirbys Collab go here. I uploaded the video to Youtube with permission from FlashFireEX, whom is the collab leader.

I have finished my part. If you'd like to go see it in Youtube click here. Or you could just watch it here... but you couldn't favorite, thumbs up or even comment on my video here like an ordinary logical human would. So I'd suggest click 'here' and doing what any other ordinary person would do. :D

/* */
But that isn't even all of the news. there is much more...

For some reason I've been looking around and shoving more things onto my list...and what I mean by that is...I've joined another collab! :O

This collab being hosted by Leocartoon1. A friend of mine, and a user on The Spritas, is holding the 16 Bit Collab! It's a collab featuring 16 bit characters battling it out. (For those whom don't know, 16 bit is mainly SNES, and Genesis, many more, but those are the main consoles.) I've joined this collab and will probably doing Sparkster vs. someone. I'm not quite sure who yet, I'm still browsing 16 bit characters, and I don't really want to use a notorious character. I'd rather someone that a lot of people love but easily overlook in the sprite animating industry. I'll be doing part 8 and the menu for this collab, and I can't really wait for it. There are some decent animators in this collab, and it could be The Spritas first complete and successful collab, so this means a lot to the users there.

I've joined another collab hosted by SatanicGoomba. He's hosting a collab called, The Sprite Fight Collab, (I know extremely generic but it hasn't been used yet so I don't really care.) We have a lot of good animators in there, including two well known NG animators. We're really hoping this goes well, it will be the first successful collab on SatanicGoomba's site; Spriter-Server. I don't go to their site, but it'd be cool for them to do well as well.

As for my older stuff, I'm still planning on doing all of that stuff but I have to finish these collab parts first. The things on my waiting list are: Young Link Test, 2-4 Minute Fight, and TLoZ series. Hopefully everything goes into order as I've hoped.

Bah, now to make this seem way more interesting...

Crazy exciting news!

Posted by Pattiasina24 - July 19th, 2010

The Many Kirbies Collab -

Well, I joined it. Surprisingly I am starting to animate a lot more than I used to. The previous animation to this was great, although the sprite animations really needed some work. Not trying to be cocky or rude, but I really think that sprite animations need to be revived. I mean, there are many sprite animations being made and some are just horrible. Those in the Kirby Collab weren't all that good. Some didn't even make sense to the idea of the collab.

Young Link Test -

Well, I decided that if I can make a successful test, I would start a 2-4 minute fight. This test will just be testing split screening, masking, easing, just everything. Combos, one vs. many others. In the fight it is in a cave with Young Link fighting off Stalfos from Twilight Princess. I'm obviously going to be using sprites, like usually. ^.^

2-4 Minute Sprite Fight -

If that Young Link test reaches to my expectations, then I will start a real fight. My expectations being more than 30 seconds, and up to about 50 seconds. And of course, it will have to best all my previous animations. If not, then I have to do another test with other characters. Just keep repeating like I have these past few months. But anyways, the goal of this fight is to get the 2-4 minute fight, and get at LEAST a 3.40 here on Newgrounds. If I can achieve that I'll start what I have just thought of the past few days...

The Legend of Zelda Series -

Well, just a few days ago, I thought of this series. If I can reach all my expectations, then I'll start this series. All my ideas are going well, and the plot seems great. I want it to be as close to the games as possible. I want it to just feel like it FIT into the TLoZ Universe. Well, until then, tests and fights! :D

Posted by Pattiasina24 - May 19th, 2010

Well, trying in the "race" trying to beat my friends in animating sprites in Flash...I have been falling far behind. Although, they don't exactly know much in action script other than:


Yes, I know, extremely simple code, and probably the only code that you "really" would need. But, I have been hearing about these "engines", that were made in action script. Such as movement, physics. particle, and parallax engines. I would really like to learn how to make something like that in action script, although, I do realize that that is most certainly not a beginner task.

So, recently I have been trying to "learn" it. Copying and pasting isn't helping. So I tried to watch tutorials. Which, also do not really "teach" you anything. Pretty much just watching someone else do it, and mimicking them. I want to actually learn what the stuff means. Or how it is organized will help make the code operatable. Now, I do know some of this:

on (release){
gotoAndPlay (2);

I just want to actually "learn" this. I mean, trying to do it just based on regular words I know without any programming knowledge is a little hard. I want to know a good place to start where I can like, learn it like anything else. Something that will help me actually "learn" it and so that I can code without using previously made codes. Please, help me ouuutttt. D:

Posted by Pattiasina24 - April 24th, 2010

Well, I felt that the area I was most weak in was smoothness and flow. After closely examining my flaws and strengths I created Model X Beats Up Sandbag. I started this a few days ago and made it my goal to finish it the next day. Luckily, and surprisingly, I succeeded that goal. I felt that I animated Model X pretty well, especially considering that Model X lacks sprites that would be sufficient for a sprites movie like this. My goal originally for this was to make it smooth, and approximately one minute long. I feel that it was smooth, but...obviously, I was incapable to make it a minute long. I suppose choosing Copy X or Omega X would have been a much better idea and I would have probably accomplished much more. D:

Nintendo vs. Sega Collab is still doing pretty well. The expected due date is on the 30th. We...all haven't really...started our part, because most of us are busy with other projects. Although, two parts have been completed, the menu and preloader is complete, and there's two parts that have been started. Of course, not to sound cocky or anything, but surely this collab is going to be great. I know that that may be an "overstatement" considering its not half way close to being complete, but it is going along rather smoothly.

Posted by Pattiasina24 - April 11th, 2010

Completed the competition animation. I did Naruto vs. Sasuke. Well, I hope I did good I guess... But I don't care if I don't come in the top three, because my only goal in this was to make an animation longer than 10 seconds. I finally did it, so now I think I can start doing some real animations. I'm not going to submit it here considering its not worth it, and I'm tired of uploading SHIT to this portal.

The collab is going pretty good. The collab being Nintendo vs. Sega. Probably going to be uploaded next month. I hope goes good. :D

Posted by Pattiasina24 - March 23rd, 2010

I've joined a Collab! :O

This collab will be posted here. :3 The collab is being held by jemaster794. The collab is already full though, but if you would like to see all of the participaters and even MORE information... See The Spritas! Forum. (That is a shared forum owned by ifureadthisdie, DarkZeroProductionZ, and I, Pattiasina24. =]

Here's the video too.

/* */
Well, as I said last time, I joined a competition. Three of my competitors (that I know of...)have completed and have posted their work to YouTube. Once again this competition is being held by tls369. Please, the dude date is still in a week, and the time limit is a minute. A week is pretty good for a minute. <3

Here's the video he uploaded for more information.

/* */
But, yeah. I hope this goes well. So, expect some work from me. ;D Spriter animators, make some room, 'cuz here I comeee. ;D

Thanks for reading. =] (If you did...)
~ Pattiasina24

Posted by Pattiasina24 - March 10th, 2010

Alright, well I joined a contest...this contest is being held by tls369. He is a good friend of mine, and at a time, he was my student. I've gladly joined his collab so that I can have a "reason" and "motivation" to animate.

What I mean by that is...I usually get tired of my animations after just creating 10 seconds of it...and tls369 has an After Effects Intro as the prize. (Something to work for, although I don't want the prize, I'm using this as a motivation to finally animate.)

So, I think I will be doing Naruto vs. Sasuke on this one. The SPRITES will be Jump Ultimate Stars(JUS). Please, wish me luck onto just finishing this, (winning would be a bonus). My real goal here is to just complete this animation. :D

If you did read this and would like to join there it is.

/* */
Thank you for reading. I can't wait for me to make this animation, thank you one last time, and good bye!


Posted by Pattiasina24 - February 20th, 2010

Well, just some news...


I have it done, I just have to scan it and upload it...


Finally started a new one, this one I will finish this week, I have February Vacation, so I'll have 12 hours everyday to finish it. :D

The animation being is Krillin vs. Goku. I'll be using DBZ Vortex Remastered LSW Sprites. I guess its coming along good, I don't have much at all, but...here's the details.

Krillin vs. Goku
Progress: 2% ~WORKING~
Frames: 56
Time Duration: 0:02 of 1:00

Posted by Pattiasina24 - February 6th, 2010


I've started a small little sketch, I don't know when I'll actually get around to scanning it or anything, but expect something soon.


Toad vs. Evil Toad -
I started this just today, and all I managed to do is create the opening. I just might end up quitting this because the sprites for this lack my needs. I tried customing, and that is really not going to work for me.


I just might quit that.
That is..unless I grow some balls and patience to create the sprites or DRAW it... D:

Mario vs. Luigi -

I just started a new animation. This being, Mario vs. Luigi. I will be using M&L Superstar Saga sprites and I really hope this can be hold the "umph" I'm really wishing for. I'm going to put my all into, and I hope you all see it soon. :D

So that pretty much it. I don't think that Toad vs. Evil Toad will be completed at all, and if it is, maybe not for a...uhh....Idk, year. :3 Mario vs. Luigi should be done in a month or two. That is if I'm motivated enough, and have the time.