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Pattiasina24's News

Posted by Pattiasina24 - July 22nd, 2009

Ok, well since I haven't really been able to finish anything, and everything I've showed you guys is all month old-ish.

Here's like the most current stuff, that I've done.

Mario vs. Sonic

That animation might be my best up to date. But that's your decision to make. I put a lot of work into this, and yet it isn't even that good. :(( Anyways, I tried to make it very interesting, and the best I had tried! That video is also for a contest that I'm in against 1asian2whites. He is quite the sprite animator too. XD That one I haven't touched for two weeks... :( Um..so comment about that.

Here's another one. This I had last worked on 3 days ago, so its the most recent crap to date.

Vegeta vs. Sanji

That animation I had to put a lot of extra work to. I had to restart the bg's, as you can probably tell I edited. I had edited the first background. I got rid of the window guard on the windows, and I changed the sky color, and I had put my logo where the random picture was. :D

In the second bg I had changed the background color to the sky color. I also customed some sprites in this one. I'm surprised that some people say that it looks good, even though I think it doesn't. The sprites I had customed were the behind view of Sanji. I also customed one Vegeta sprite, but I'm not going to say which one, because it was pathetically done.

I'm not sure of what to do next, so it'd be gladly appreciated if you gave me some tips and ideas... I'm sorry for rambling on, and on. But, hey! It's my post, I'll post as much as I feel at the moment. :P

Anyways, I understand that I'm not that good, and that my custom sprites aren't good either, but I'm under way for improvement, and I'm trying hard to improve! I'm practicing hard everyday, touching them up and further on.

Ok, now that I am done, I leave you to comment, and explain what I should fix, or add..Thanks for reading if you had. Though I doubt anyone here would bother to read this all. So, comment, and goodbye. :D

Posted by Pattiasina24 - July 7th, 2009

Well I haven't posted a post in a long time.

So: I'll just be giving you readers an "update" of things. Well, if you went to my youtube, everything could be much easier. So here's a link. Pattiasina24 (My) Youtube Channel

I'll just post links to my animation here. Though I wont give you the link to them as I have them on Youtube, only because, the quality isn't good. So:

This I didn't get to finish...

Buu vs. Frieza

These are in the works.

Vegeta vs. Sasuke

Ichigo vs. Luffy vs. Naruto

One Piece Showdown

Well thanks for watching if you did. And please comment.

Here is my most active animation that I'm working on most frequently.

Mario vs. Sonic

Posted by Pattiasina24 - February 22nd, 2009

YES, I have finally agreed with myself to creating my own Newgrounds(tm) account! I feel great and I am hoping that you guys,(meaning my few subscribers) enjoy my newest work, because I am much better than what you have seen at my Youtube(tm) acount.

That is it, so peace out! and heres a link to my Youtube(tm) account! http://www.youtube.com/user/Pattiasina 24