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At least it was interesting...just too short and not funny enough to be on Newgrounds bro.

These never seize to amaze me...

Been awhile since the last, but nonetheless, I loved this one. : )

Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad that you liked it. I hope to have the next episode out much sooner. Also, I'll be making DUB Episode 3 soon.

Tsk tsk...

This animation is a waste and does not belong on Newgrounds. You're clearly not supposed to upload something like this to Newgrounds, this could have stayed at Spritas and maybe even to Youtube, but work that goes to Newgrounds is not taken lightly as you can see from the previous reviews of other users.

I also suggest you trying to use Sandbag even it it is 'overused', because you just also used the most overused sprite in the entire world. Sonic? Really? You used Sonic but not Sandbag, and decided to substitute it with a green circle. First off, you're also cheating out on the animating that you would have done with a Sandbag, or even a random character, the circle doesn't have any hurt animations, it's just a circle.

Another thing to add, Newgrounds is not the place to upload your tests. I'm sure you won't do it again.

FrSpriterMan responds:

I understood patt

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Done poorly.

I don't quite like the controls, but the game is simple and not horrible, I mean, it did what Pong does. But, I don't like anything was done at all. I mean, the difficulty didn't feel like it even change throughout the game. Also, the game didn't feel, that...fun. Perhaps, making it more visually pleasing will help you a lot.

I really like the artwork.

The artwork is really nice, and I liked the intro, the music...but I didn't really like the game itself...I just think it lacks compared to everything else... :\


This is certainly a game that would have been in NES or SNES. And this is just awesome. Very interesting, and how the laws changed and made the game difficult. Although, when you put in the rule where you can't look at the rules...I lol'd 'cuz I wasn't even using that...but its great.

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I love it, this loop, erm, I mean, song, is great. The what seems to be 11 notes is gorgeous.

Short-Factor responds:

you are clearly tone deaf


Without the heavy guitar it felt like running through a field. The song itself is also interesting, doesn't sound like much else, and I really liked the drums part.

smilingpig67 responds:

Lol thanks!


I've always loved Olivine City's music, and Violet City is just flat out cool so why not? :D

smilingpig67 responds:

Haha thanks!

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I agree bro!

This is freakin awesome. I mean imagine a game like Sonic Colors with Super Mario Galaxy with Ristar! That's exactly how a 3D Ristar game should be. I don't know if you got to play Ristar but the game was amazing. The colors and music and everything about it was basically amazing bro. I'm telling you, if they made a 3D Ristar game...it would be awesome, only if they...tried at least haha.

Knuxyy responds:

Thanks :D And yeah, they would have try a lot harder to make it REALLY good. I'm sure it would still be good either way.

Damn n***a!

Amazing job with this one. The shading and hair was done exquisitely! The only problem here is his left eye. Seems a bit weird if you ask me.

Knuxyy responds:

Yeah, the eyes are always tough for me :P

Bright, and fantastic.

Really good job. The shadows and everything else is right. It has the depth feeling to it, and looks 3D but still has the drawn feeling to it. I love it.

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