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Done poorly.

I don't quite like the controls, but the game is simple and not horrible, I mean, it did what Pong does. But, I don't like anything was done at all. I mean, the difficulty didn't feel like it even change throughout the game. Also, the game didn't feel, that...fun. Perhaps, making it more visually pleasing will help you a lot.

I really like the artwork.

The artwork is really nice, and I liked the intro, the music...but I didn't really like the game itself...I just think it lacks compared to everything else... :\


This is certainly a game that would have been in NES or SNES. And this is just awesome. Very interesting, and how the laws changed and made the game difficult. Although, when you put in the rule where you can't look at the rules...I lol'd 'cuz I wasn't even using that...but its great.

I love it.

I think the HUD is really nice. Everything looks well developed and the only problem I have is that the enemy can attack before you because of how you have to pick your actions. Now, perhaps if the enemy bar is a little slower or something like that, I dunno, I think it should be larger for a slower enemy. If the enemy is huge and slow then it should be slow. Just to make it easier for the player...

I really hope you finish this because it looks really nice. Very clean looking and I think it is a good size for the screen. To me everything looks new and just appealing. Good job.

I think this is excellent.

People are only hating because they can't win. This game requires at least some patience to beat each level.

I really like this game and the music is perfect for the mood. Great job, the only thing I don't like is that you don't drag the ink bars straight to where you want it. It kind of wastes time to click it, move to the left, then drag it. That's the only thing I think needs to be changed. Other than that, its just great.

I love this...

But I don't like that the WASD are for moving, and left/right arrow keys to reload. I think it'd be better for arrow keys for movement, and b/n keys to reload. Space bar can be left as it is. :D

Otherwise I think its cool and an original game, that also fits for the season. :D


It's good, although the lag is incredibly horrible. But then again could be my shit computer. Good job for a fan made Halo game. One of the best I've played.

Whoa. So freaking awesome.

At first I didn't know how the hell to do anything. But then as I started to play I was like, whoa this is incredible. So unique and original, very good idea. I love this.

SwingSwing responds:

Thanks a lot ! :)

Absolutely amazing.

I played this until about 2 A.M, went to sleep, woke up at about 10 A.M and started right back on it. I love this. <3


That was AWESOME. I was just getting into the rhythm, kicking it in gear, having fun. Just awesome. :D

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