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At least it was interesting...just too short and not funny enough to be on Newgrounds bro.

These never seize to amaze me...

Been awhile since the last, but nonetheless, I loved this one. : )

Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad that you liked it. I hope to have the next episode out much sooner. Also, I'll be making DUB Episode 3 soon.

Tsk tsk...

This animation is a waste and does not belong on Newgrounds. You're clearly not supposed to upload something like this to Newgrounds, this could have stayed at Spritas and maybe even to Youtube, but work that goes to Newgrounds is not taken lightly as you can see from the previous reviews of other users.

I also suggest you trying to use Sandbag even it it is 'overused', because you just also used the most overused sprite in the entire world. Sonic? Really? You used Sonic but not Sandbag, and decided to substitute it with a green circle. First off, you're also cheating out on the animating that you would have done with a Sandbag, or even a random character, the circle doesn't have any hurt animations, it's just a circle.

Another thing to add, Newgrounds is not the place to upload your tests. I'm sure you won't do it again.

FrSpriterMan responds:

I understood patt


I really loved this, very action packed, fast paced, extremely entertaining. The way you brought this to work, in the beginning you tended to repeat some things a lot, most likely to add up time, but I think it worked perfectly fine. Also, I noticed, as things progressed, the artwork seemed to look a lot better as well. The animating also was great.

I gotta say though, the best thing I like that you do with your animation here, is the camera angles. That really made this animation for me. The angles helped make this come alive, and be what it is. Made it a lot more dramatic, and just, made it perfect. I loved this. Amazing job.

javarush214 responds:

Thank you man. I appreciate your comment :)

Perhaps the most random animation ever.

However everything was perfect. You did amazing with the mood, the art, the music choice, the sounds, it was all excellent. The mood change really felt like it was coming but I also thought something else was to happen, something crazy and epic. Yet the vomiting of the rainbow suffices and was great. I don't think it was off the edge or anything. I loved the way you presented the scenery and everything though. Great job!

Great improvement!

You have really improved with this animation. You seem to get better and better by the animation and it's really awesome. I can't wait for the next animation!

The animation here is very nice, the only thing putting it down were your ideas and sounds. The ideas weren't...really...creative so to speak as there was a bit of close combat but a few of Goku's blasts, making it a bit repetitive. The sounds as well, really ruined this for me as the sounds sounded so...shitty. Your effects choice as well was very weak, using the Radial Gradients would have even been better for you to do. Those weren't nice effects at all. :\

Oh my that was great.

This animation is deff amazing, this will get an award, that was simplistic yet well delivered. Great jokes and the artwork was pretty nice as well.


Your choreographic with the syncing of the music was beyond perfect. I loved it, it really made this amazing. The only thing that sets this down is the artwork however I think it kind of matches the music and the feel of the actual animation. Also, when I saw the title, I was really hoping this song would be in it haha. Great job.

Wow I really liked this.

The action was very awesome, and the animation was very smooth. I really loved the way you did the dashing of the red main character, those effects looked really nice and made the animation great, as well as the sound effect that you used for it.

I also really liked the blue character's dash before the end, when he's knocked down with your dirt/smoke effects, that was great too, and a really nice touch.

The little small 'dramatic' twist was nice, but it seemed like you just threw that in to get a little more time in the animation, but it fit, and I loved the way you ended it. Excellent job.

CaKeS1 responds:

Thanks for all the encouragement it means a lot!

Haha I loved this.

This was great and the references you made just made this even more amazing, I loved this, great job.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks man, I put as many references in there as I could. I am looking forward to working with you in the upcoming collabs!

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