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Attempting to learn action script 2.

Posted by Pattiasina24 - May 19th, 2010

Well, trying in the "race" trying to beat my friends in animating sprites in Flash...I have been falling far behind. Although, they don't exactly know much in action script other than:


Yes, I know, extremely simple code, and probably the only code that you "really" would need. But, I have been hearing about these "engines", that were made in action script. Such as movement, physics. particle, and parallax engines. I would really like to learn how to make something like that in action script, although, I do realize that that is most certainly not a beginner task.

So, recently I have been trying to "learn" it. Copying and pasting isn't helping. So I tried to watch tutorials. Which, also do not really "teach" you anything. Pretty much just watching someone else do it, and mimicking them. I want to actually learn what the stuff means. Or how it is organized will help make the code operatable. Now, I do know some of this:

on (release){
gotoAndPlay (2);

I just want to actually "learn" this. I mean, trying to do it just based on regular words I know without any programming knowledge is a little hard. I want to know a good place to start where I can like, learn it like anything else. Something that will help me actually "learn" it and so that I can code without using previously made codes. Please, help me ouuutttt. D:


I'm pretty much a noob at this whole action scripting as well. And I've never really taken the time to learn it yet because its soooo boring... -.- I mean... who wants to code stuff when I could be working on some sprite graphics and animation? XD

Then again, it could be just a lame excuse.

I see where you're coming from, I too was the same when I first started. I was like; wtf, why learn action script if you're animating sprites, the only code you need to know is, stop();. But, there are MANY things in action script you can do.

There are things called engines that you can create, a game engine, physics, speed, everything. This meaning that you could possibly do things without having to animate it over and over, the code will tell the sprites what to do. You could even create sprite effects in this. Random snow falling, ripple effects, almost anything can be done.

Knowing all this, to me, just = a vast new meaning to Flash. Even if all I'm using is action script 2, I mean, to be able to do all of that? It's incredible, there's no end.

Now that the "anime" scene thing is over... I'm surprised you commented here, seldom for people to visit my Newgrounds Page. XD

Hey man.

I've been practicing my hand at sprites, and will upload a movie by around July 10 (two days after my bday!). Maybe you can check it out, give me some pointers?

Oh, can you leave a comment on my page letting me know when you've received my last one? Sorry XP