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Crazy exciting news!

Posted by Pattiasina24 - August 5th, 2010

Lol yay wall of text. :D

As some of you may have heard...The Kirby Collab is having a sequel (old news). I joined it, and I've finished my part. If you'd like more info on The Many Kirbys Collab go here. I uploaded the video to Youtube with permission from FlashFireEX, whom is the collab leader.

I have finished my part. If you'd like to go see it in Youtube click here. Or you could just watch it here... but you couldn't favorite, thumbs up or even comment on my video here like an ordinary logical human would. So I'd suggest click 'here' and doing what any other ordinary person would do. :D

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But that isn't even all of the news. there is much more...

For some reason I've been looking around and shoving more things onto my list...and what I mean by that is...I've joined another collab! :O

This collab being hosted by Leocartoon1. A friend of mine, and a user on The Spritas, is holding the 16 Bit Collab! It's a collab featuring 16 bit characters battling it out. (For those whom don't know, 16 bit is mainly SNES, and Genesis, many more, but those are the main consoles.) I've joined this collab and will probably doing Sparkster vs. someone. I'm not quite sure who yet, I'm still browsing 16 bit characters, and I don't really want to use a notorious character. I'd rather someone that a lot of people love but easily overlook in the sprite animating industry. I'll be doing part 8 and the menu for this collab, and I can't really wait for it. There are some decent animators in this collab, and it could be The Spritas first complete and successful collab, so this means a lot to the users there.

I've joined another collab hosted by SatanicGoomba. He's hosting a collab called, The Sprite Fight Collab, (I know extremely generic but it hasn't been used yet so I don't really care.) We have a lot of good animators in there, including two well known NG animators. We're really hoping this goes well, it will be the first successful collab on SatanicGoomba's site; Spriter-Server. I don't go to their site, but it'd be cool for them to do well as well.

As for my older stuff, I'm still planning on doing all of that stuff but I have to finish these collab parts first. The things on my waiting list are: Young Link Test, 2-4 Minute Fight, and TLoZ series. Hopefully everything goes into order as I've hoped.

Bah, now to make this seem way more interesting...

Crazy exciting news!


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